A little project that I challenged myself to do all alone, for the GMTK  Game Jam 2019. Amusingly, that one-man-team challenge happened to be quite fitting , the jam's theme being "Only One".


Single Digit is your typical turn-base battle game, working with a bunch of statistics and numbers... except it uses only one digit everywhere.

Of course, the rules are far more different than those of your classic RPG. And the game is all about understanding those rules to win. So it's more like a puzzle-game in disguise, actually.

Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to design the battles as I wanted, nor to make a proper ending. So if you're looping on the last boss battle, it's normal. ^^'


SingleDigit.zip 39 MB


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I really  like the concept of this game but I think it's only interesting once you get to Myadas.  One way to make that boss even more interesting is by not letting concentration/wrath stack. That means the player would have to use concentration plus an attack that affects one or two other collumns meaning they would need to get those first two down to the same number as the other. 

I also think everything should be sped up like 5x. That would make this super enjoyable. And I'm not sure the commentary is necessary. I think it would be a lot cooler if the player figured it out by playing.

Overall love the concept and wanted to keep playing for more complexity.