The Rhythm Of Termina is a rhythm game that I made for the Micro Fangame Jam 2019, and also a tribute to one of my most favorite games ever.

Don't expect any twist on the rhythm genre, though. It's pretty basic. You just have to press A, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT and UP with a proper timing and that's it. You'll reach the end in 2 minutes even if you miss all the notes.

In fact, I chose to make a rhythm game just because I wanted to face all the difficulties that come with audio synchronisation. That's not something that I would have attempted in a shorter game jam, so... it felt like the right time.

Also, this was the occasion for me to try and use a music composition tool for the very first time. I have zero knowledge in this field, so I had a hell of a time making sense of the musical lingo I found on the internet. But I came up with some remixes on my own anyway, which - I hope - don't sound too bad.
I'm kinda proud of that.

Made withUnity
TagsFangame, Music, Unity


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This was really cool! Not only it combines two of the best existing things (Majora's Mask and rhythm games), but it also executes them pretty well. The sync is well done, with signals and feedbacks, the visuals are nice, the remix sounds great… Overall it's quite polished! Congratulation for this fantastic entry!

Thank you very much!
It was really cool to take the time to experiment and try new things out without worrying too much about the deadline, for once. So if you also hold this jam again next december, I'll definitely try to participate again.

Wooow it's so good ! The remix, the artwork in the background, the Zelda-style UI...

And the last part is really challenging. Thank you for the game !

Thanks! Glad you liked it.